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Garden Course in Wicklow

On this inspirational nine-month course running March to November (consisting of one four hour class per month), you will be joining artist and creator of Patthana Garden T.J. Maher as he shares his knowledge, experience, secrets and tips. The Patthana Garden Course offers a unique opportunity to witness Patthana Garden as it changes through the year. Over the duration of the course we explore topics such as:-

  • Understanding Colour and how to use colour creatively in the garden. T.J. is a painter and has a degree in Fine Art from NCAD.

  • Selecting plants for maximum interest and impact in your borders – T.J. has honed his planting palette over the years, choosing the very best of plant performers that gives the garden the most impact throughout the gardening seasons. 

  • Propagation techniques that minimise the cost of creating and maintaining a garden such as seeds, cuttings and divisions.

  • Garden design principles, concepts and ideas to help you design and maximise how to use your garden space to suit your lifestyle.

  • Creating sumptuous pot and container displays - learn the secrets of Patthana Gardens pot display and how to use pots and containers to gain maximum impact.

  • Attracting wildlife – how to create a garden that is both bio-diverse and beautiful. Patthana Garden is gardened organically and is a sanctuary for wildlife.

  • Succession planting to ensure year-round interest and colour in the garden.

  • Choosing the right plant for the right place, understanding your site and the needs of the plants.

  • Review of top performing plants and jobs to do every month to keep your garden looking fabulous through the months.

  • Time to chat with Coffee break on Vintage China.

  • Numerous other topics…


(Weekday and Weekend Course options available)

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